Abstraction Paintings

Abstraction dissociation paintings by Amaury Dubois

At first glance it seems to be an abstract geometric painting, but when given some attention, it expresses the duality that is there inside every man. A confrontation between two worlds where the straightness of lines coexists along with rounded curves, where geometry and freehand are united, where the artificial fights against the natural. This collection of contemporary works represents in an abstract manner the internal struggle within each of us between what society expects of us and what we really want to be. A more or less narrow border which separates our instinct from what we have learned, that reveals the complexity of the acquired and innate. It is therefore time to choose: The choice is between the norms and necessary constraints (represented by straight lines, and geomtric shapes) and our dreams and our hopes (represented by curves). Paintings in oil on canvas highlight this Cornelian dichotomy. What's to be done ? Choose our bohemian desires or our exemplary duty ?