modern geometric painting | 2000 - 2006

Geometric modern paintings by Amaury Dubois

The first work of its kind, the series of modern and geometric paintings "Lines and Curves" is next to the collection "Dissociation" showing a slight difference in his artistic maturity. At first glance an abstract geometric painting, but when given some attention, it expresses the duality of man. An evolution between two worlds where the straightness of lines coexists along with rounded curves, where the artificial fights against the natural. This collection of contemporary and modern works represents in an abstract way the internal struggle within each of us. Looking over the series of paintings, the predominance of lines and geometric shapes can be seen, at the expense of fluid lines, when compared to the most recent collection "Dissociation", because at the time the painter Amaury Dubois was more mired in reality, constraints and doubts. The future, more than just uncertain, leaves room for renewal and introspection. The curves are expanding while the lines tend to be reabsorbed and disappear along with the problems and questions of the artist.