Fine Art Prints 20 Ex Signed & Limited 60x50cm or 70x50cm

Fine art print signed and limited of 20

Discover the selection of Amaury Dubois' artworks available in Fine Art print, on sizes 70x50 cm, 60x50 cm or 60x30 cm
This edition is limited of 20 for each artwork, all hand signed and numbered by the artist.

Each Fine Art print is delivered with its certificate of authenticity. 

For each painting, two others editions are also available:

► 100x70 cm or 100x50 cm | limited of 2

80x60 cm or 80x40 cm | limited of 8

COVID-19 // In this exceptional context, we would like to inform you that orders are always possible in order to allow you to reserve your art print and thus guarantee that you will have the desired edition before the limited copies are sold out.
In order to guarantee the good reception of the orders, they will be sent to you as soon as the conditions of confinement have been alleviated.