Dripping Contemporary painting

Contemporary paintings by Amaury Dubois

How can we translate the abstract that we are? The contemporary paintings in the "Dripping Duality" collection send us on a resolutely modern and artistic journey to the heart of our own personality. A true introspection on complexity of humankind, these paintings reflect the mosaic of emotions that animate us, like a multifaceted mirror. Never frozen, always in motion, our behaviour follows the course of our personal history. Sometimes reasonable, at other times unreasonable, these contemporary paintings put down our emotions on canvas as encounters, successes and sometimes failures. A double artistic technique carried out by Amaury Dubois reinforces this divided strand: Courbisme is related to reason, concentration and control. The more unstructured Dripping is associated with energy, drive and passion. The complicity of the two worlds that intersect and criss-cross irreparably echo this inner struggle that drives us every day.