Abstract art painting, contemporary figurative painting, pop art painting, geometric canvas, landscape photography from New York to the North Sea or reinterpretations of famous paintings such as Picasso's night fishing in Antibes or Matisse's blue nudes, discover all the works of Amaury Dubois gathered here. From his pop art period, through his abstract, geometric or figurative works, his exotic or urban landscapes, embark on a luminous and curved journey proposed by the contemporary artist. Desert, mountain, sea, nature, he draws his inspiration from every detail of his environment and lets his creativity express itself to reveal the beauty of the world around us, whatever the technique used. Oil on canvas, aerosol, charcoal, watercolor or even 3D drawings and ink, find the unique style of Amaury Dubois, a true artistic signature.


Find all the contemporary works of the artist presented according to their theme. Discover the oil paintings on colored canvases, the modern paintings dealing with the jungle or big cities like New York while passing by the paintings on Spain and Italy, without forgetting the works, as well figurative as abstract.