3D Paper Art

3D Paper Cutting  A new 3D photography is revealed by the artist and painter Amaury Dubois who uses as a starting point a material which is as fragile as it is innovative: cut paper taken into three dimensions. A feast of color, reinvented today for your viewing pleasure.


A creative principle that gives new life to the genre . 

In the manner of a fervent scrap booking enthusiast, the painter Amaury Dubois, inspired by his past experiences, offers us fragmented images. Existing halfway between colorful painting and 3D photography, these hybrid representations are unique. This complex art is the perfect marrying of colorful paintings transcended by the meticulous work of 3D paper cut out. A work of great care, patience and precision giving abstract paintings a new pedigree. Printed, painted, cut and then superimposed, this assembly of cutouts in 3D paper renews the genre, giving it an impressive


…producing a very visual rendering 

The power of colors associated with the fluid volumes brings a new interpretation to the historical paintings of Amaury Dubois. An art which is always in flux where nothing is fixed but constantly changing. The curves of these living and colorful works are always searching for their own paths. They free themselves, to symbolically and physically leave the frame. A new pictorial synthesis on the abstract way of observing the world in motion


Technical data: high-performance printing & assembly 

Printed on Hanemhule® 310gr paper, the 3D paper cutouts that form the assembly are subsequently corrected one by one in paint to reveal the details. Making it a unique work. Labelled by Hahnemühle®, the print quality of the work is exceptional. Drawing control, production chain follow-up, analysis of laboratory renderings, work with new generation ink, color rendering and gray scale - all of this provides superior performance on art paper and produces very high quality content.


Each series of 3D paper cut boards are limited to 8 copies. These works are available with custom framing and non reflective glass.  Customized orders are possible on request.  3D Paper Cut | 8 copies per painting - 100 cm wide with frame writing  | Hahnemühle art paper 310 gr

3D Paper Art