Pop Art

pop art photography

This series of resolutely contemporary and pop art photographs presents the essence of Courbism applied to photography and the automobile. Composed of hundreds of photographs taken by the artist and then brought together in one, these works recompose the image we have in our minds of legendary vehicles. Vehicles immersed in the universe of Pop Art with the rtyhme of cinematographic, cultural, visual references, ..., all to constantly amaze your imagination.

Fully inspired by the artistic movement of the 60s and letting himself be carried away by the inexhaustible universe of pop culture, Amaury Dubois unveils a collection of Pop Art photographs. The artist enjoys bringing together the emblematic muses of the automobile, such as the Aston Martin DB5 by James Bond, the Mercedes SLS and its iconic butterfly doors or the Porsche 356, the very first model of the German brand, with the inexhaustible world of Pop Art. Rich in memories, old and new references, colours and life, discover this collection of unique artworks!