Street Art Painting Stellar Overview II

Street Art Painting Stellar Overview II Street Art Painting Stellar Overview II    
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Abstract Oil painting & spray painting on canvas

90 x 90 cm

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In the continuity of the first work Stellar Overview, Amaury Dubois continues here his perpetual research work of retranscription of the movements and fluids of life, through new artistic techniques combining oil paint and aerosol cans. Always fascinated by Street Art and the visual effects that street artists create, in his studio he is introduced to spray painting, with a pronounced attention to the technique of shadows and color gradations.

The artistic fruit of this first work, the Stellar Overview series offers us an initiatory journey to the heart of the stars and the fascination they have exerted on us for thousands of years. The power of their light, the richness of their contrast against the black immensity of the universe, the intensity of their colours and their energy, ..., so many inspirations constantly inviting our imagination to get lost in the contemplation of their beauty. An abstract and contemporary painting rich in light and depth, Stellar Overview II, takes us for its part into the explosion of emotions and life of the stars, through the artist's pronounced work on colours.


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  • Technical : Oil painting on canvas

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