Street Art Painting Stellar Overview III

Street Art Painting Stellar Overview III Street Art Painting Stellar Overview III    
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Abstract Oil painting & spray painting on canvas

90 x 90 cm

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For many years now, the painter Amaury Dubois has been delighting us with his colourful and lively oil paintings, recognizable among all of them by his very personal style, "le courbisme". Continuing his relentless quest to paint life in motion, he presents us today with a new artistic work, always faithful to his idendity, but around a new technique, that of the aerosol can. Passionate about Street Art since always, Amaury Dubois has chosen to learn spray painting, a technique through which he indulges in a search for ever more powerful colors and ever more real shadows. Self-taught, he now delivers his first series "Stellar Overview", composed of three contemporary abstract paintings.

A true synthesis of his two predecessors, Stellar Overview III first opens the doors to an initiatory journey to the heart of the stars, thanks to the multitude of planes and depths it presents, all thanks to the artist's remarkable work on shadow effects. But this painting also provokes a spectacular discovery of the power and energy so particular to the stars, felt through the richness and vivacity of its colours. A perfect parenthesis on the world, offering us a moment of escape in our imagination, that we would like to never see stop.


Find out more about the artist's paintings inspired by the Street Art movement with the artworks Stellar Overview I and Stellar Overview II.


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About the Artist

Amaury Dubois  
Born in 1980 and originally from Lille in the North of France. The artist draws his inspiration from the world around us. With his so particular style, which he has named “Courbisme” and his exacerbated vision of reality, Amaury Dubois creates colourful contemporary artworks, rich in life and emotion. World-renowned, he has also carried out numerous large-scale projects, such as the largest contemporary fresco ever created in a church in France at Châtelaillon-Plage, the creation of custom-made frescoes for the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium in Lille and the use of one of his paintings for a McDonald’s advertising campaign.


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Signed & Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

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Amaury Dubois offers you a selection of his artworks as fine art prints. The reproduction is made on high-end art paper in order to preserve every nuance of the original paintings. 

The fine art prints are all limited, numbered and signed by the artist's hand and delivered with certificate of authenticity.


  • Technical : Oil painting on canvas

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