The artworks of Amaury Dubois shared on Web!

Published on 2016-03-03

The artworks of Amaury Dubois shared on Web!    
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After having presented his work, the artist Amaury Dubois saw itself shared on several webzines, blogs. Here is for you a compilation of extracts of these last publications and the links to read all the articles.

French Publications

Untitled Magazine :Elected Better Art Blog of the Year/culture in 2015. The Webzine of the cultural pleasures

"Dans sa pratique photographique, Amaury Dubois s’efforce de capter ces instants où rien n’est fixe, où rien n’est droit.Reprenant points par points la pratique du cubisme moderne de David Hockney (qui veut, par la « chronophotographie »ou la photochromographie, dévoiler le système de signes en mouvements et questionner le médium de la photographie), Amaury Dubois découpe et colle des morceaux d’une même image prise plusieurs fois, pour n’en faire plus qu’une." 


Tuxboard : Blog of News, Concentrated by Pop Coolture. Rewarded for the Golden click to the last Festival of the Internet

" L’artiste Amaury Dubois donne au temps une nouvelle dimension. Parce que le présent n’est que représentation, l’artiste fige le temps tout en dépeignant toutes les énergies incontrôlables dans lesquelles nous évoluons : les déplacements d’airs, les fluides, l’eau, le vent..." 


International Publications


Moments Journal : Magazine of Visual Arts, Photography & Culture

" And as you scroll down to his abstract oil paintings, you’ll be delighted with the coalescence of symmetry, chaos and fascinating explosion of colors — all beautifully composed to blow your mind away. Yep, Amazing!" 

Artwork Archive : Art Blog 

"I regret, rather, that people told me that being a painter was not a real job. Today, I proved them wrong. I don’t regret it. I get up everyday to do a real job which I like. The passion is what’s most important. Without any pretension, I knew what to expect on the difficult path of a professional painter. No matter what we are told, advice or warnings, we have no choice but to follow our calling." 


DeMilked : Design magazine.

"These fragments of photographic memories cling, swirl, creating the reconstruction image by image of the memory of a place through time… a sublimated fuzzy memory. Choosen Moments." 

Discover or rediscover too the photos of art of Amaury Dubois!