Discover the new serie signed Amaury Dubois : Icon

Published on 2019-10-21

Discover the new serie signed Amaury Dubois : Icon    
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First passion of artist, music is inseparable of Amaury Dubois. Continually rocked by this one, both in his artist’s studio or in his daily life, it is naturally becoming inspirational for many of his paintings. Basis for inspiration or main subject of a painting, rock enthusiasts could have fun trying to find the references in most artist’s paintings. For example, you will find Nirvana in The sun is gone but…inspired by the clip of Heart Shaped, the Pixies in the painting Where is my Mindthe Rolling Stones from Shine a Light, Jamoriquai with Morning Glory, or again the Beattles in many paintings such as Here Comes The SunThe Fool On The Hill, …, and maybe Gaudi in the sky with diamonds


Although the music spearheads many of his artworks, the artist always had the wish of truly combine his two passions through paintings which are not inspired by music, but paying tribute to it. After many years of reflexion, it is all done! Amaury Dubois thus introduces to us a new painting serie, entitled Icon. This one strives in highlighted icons who inspired the artist, through vibrant and colourful portraits, sincerely paying tribute to feelings offered by this icons in their music.


Discover the Icone serie and its first paintings, oil portraits on canvas of : 

-        Jimi Hendrix

-        Amy Winehouse

-        David Bowie

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