Amaury Dubois in the 2020 book "Leaders in Contemporary Art".

Published on 2020-06-11

Amaury Dubois in the 2020 book    
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After a first publication in 2019, the artist Amaury Dubois was once again selected to be featured in the book Curatorial Volume.2 Leaders in Contemporary Art,


A reference book for today's major communication players (communication agencies, advertising agencies, artistic directors, marketing directors of major brands, designers, etc.), the Curatorial has become the guide par excellence for today's influential contemporary artists.

To appear in it for the second consecutive year, alongside other great artists from all over the world, is therefore an honour for Amaury Dubois, but also a true recognition of his artistic work!


The works presented in this book are :

- Drum Beatles - Sgt. Pepper - a tribute to one of the most inspiring bands of music

- Music of the Wind - a colourful and resolutely contemporary painting, revisiting the iconic Sydney Opera House and its unmistakable silhouette.

- Jimi Hendrix - a bewitching portrait from the Icon series, plunging us into the psychedelic universe of the greatest guitarist of all time.


All profits from the book are donated to Book Aid International.

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