Amaury Dubois is on the cover of Arts Magazine!

Published on 2021-01-06

Amaury Dubois is on the cover of Arts Magazine! Amaury Dubois is on the cover of Arts Magazine! Amaury Dubois is on the cover of Arts Magazine! Amaury Dubois is on the cover of Arts Magazine! Amaury Dubois is on the cover of Arts Magazine!    
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For this return of summer 2020, the reference magazine Arts Magazine has chosen to make a complete report on the work of the painter Amaury Dubois. A real recognition for the artist who does not stop there, the magazine having chosen his Flemish painting "Roots" for its cover!


Available now on newsstands, discover the subject "The temporal parentheses of Amaury Dubois". An interview spread over eight pages, presenting the diversity of his work and inviting you to a real rendezvous with the painter's phylosophy and his approach to each of his paintings.

This interview was also the opportunity to come back to the titanic work of Amaury Dubois for the realization of his fresco in the church of Châtelaillon-Plage: the meaning of this one, the way he approached this challenge both from a creative and technical point of view, ...



Extract of the article - written by Gabrielle Gauthier

"He paints life in movement, the invisible that surrounds us, that of emotions, feelings, sensations... The artist thus endeavours to reveal what the human eye cannot perceive, this symbiosis where man and the world become one. In front of these curves and these colored volutes which materialize the energy which embraces us permanently, we then let our spirit walk sometimes towards the reverie, sometimes towards the introspection, skillfully guided by the questionings of the artist.


What is your creative process?
Today, I don't make drawings or sketches anymore. I paint in the manner of automatic writing, instinctively, with the questions I have constantly. It is not always conscious and yet it is constructed. I let the works come to me... I hear a sound, I distinguish a color, I see a light... things gradually settle down and the image of the painting appears clearly to me. This image I paint it knowing exactly what color, what shape ... to place in what place on the canvas. However, during the process of creation, since, like any human being, I am not linear, I go through different phases that are then found on the canvas.
Why do you distinguish your abstract paintings from your figurative color paintings?
There is always a meaning to things... For me, my canvases are above all an entry key: triggers towards the imaginary, daydreaming for figurative paintings; inner reflection for abstract paintings where time stops, like a parenthesis. The first deal with your guts; the second with your mind."

Full interview to be found in the n°31 of Arts Magazine.



Works presented in Arts Magazine :
Flemish painting Roots (cover)
Contemporary Abstract Paintings: Violet, Soul III, Soul IV, Stellar Overview I, Stellar Overview VII, Big Bang, Here I Am, Elevation
Contemporary figurative paintings: Cordoba, Matisse Grand Intérieur Rouge, Shoot and run, Beatles Sgt Pepper, Douanier Rousseau Jungle Paradise, Walk to the sun
Street art fresco of the church of Châtelaillon-Plage