An original creation on a teak root

Published on 2022-05-06

An original creation on a teak root An original creation on a teak root    
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Creation stronger than destruction...

... or how an art dealer, a curator and a property owner persuaded a selection of international artists to explore a new pictorial medium. Currently on display in Bordeaux, the works of these established and emerging artists give a second life to teak roots destined for destruction.

The exhibition, curated by Fabrice Boucher, Olivier Patel and Vanessa Medioni, challenged the participants to put this wonderful medium at the centre of their creation. All of them have left part of the root exposed, which brings an unprecedented humility to their work. 

This exhibition also aims to question the public on the talents of tomorrow, and to accompany emerging artists to make them future big names. A large part of the profits will be donated to the Kalaweit association created by Chanee, which works to protect biodiversity in Indonesia.

The result is a collection of heterogeneous creations, marked by a new sensitivity. 

Amaury Dubois' work, 80 centimeters by 40 centimeters, is full of colors and reminds us of the foliage and vegetation that used to give life to this medium, and echoes the work done on other of his paintings


To discover the work of Amaury Dubois as well as that of 40 other international artists (Seth, Speedy Graphito, Hulk, David de la Mano, Jo Di Bona, Bordallo, Onemizer, Pez...), come to Bordeaux from 5 to 22 May! 

Exhibition: "ONE ROOT, ONE ARTIST"

From 5 to 22 May 2022

Promenade Sainte-Catherine - BORDEAUX 

Information : @onerootoneartist