Amaury Dubois in New York's Up Mag 

Published on 2022-08-22

Amaury Dubois in New York's Up Mag     
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Amaury Dubois in New York's Up Mag 


Some returns from holidays are easier than others! This is the case for the artist Amaury Dubois, to whom the New York magazine Up Mag dedicates an article this month. 


Entitled "Modern day frescoes with Amaury Dubois", it describes his street-art work as a "technical prowess", and focuses on some of his emblematic works: the fresco in the church of Châtelaillon-Plage, but also the fresco in the port of Wambrechies, or the one done in the church of Saint-Pierre in Calais. 


Although Amaury Dubois' work has travelled the world, for him, nothing beats the calm of his studio, a welcome break between the tumult and excitement of projects outside the walls.


« Whatever he creates next in that studio, Amaury Dubois is an artist to watch. His work distills painting down to its purest form: It allows viewers to see the world through his vision but doesn’t impose on them. Modern life may have advanced past the need for frescoes, but Dubois’s art shows that public art will always be a force for universal expression and that it’s worth it sometimes to drop our modern priors and return to a time when art wasn’t a commodity for gallery walls. In the time of frescoes, sometimes art was all you had. »


Thanks to Emma Riva for this beautiful article!