Amaury Dubois is in Beware magazine

Published on 2022-11-30

Amaury Dubois is in Beware magazine    
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Amaury Dubois is in Beware magazine


The magazine of urban culture in all its forms dedicates this month a subject to Amaury Dubois entitled: "Amaury Dubois: street artist who modernizes churches with his monumental frescoes".


This is an opportunity to look back in detail at the artist's work in the Saint-Pierre church in Calais, where he transformed the narthex and which was his playground for 15 days last March.


Beware Magazine describes the fresco created there as an "ode to the marriage of the worlds of art and religion": "the light that passes through the space illuminates the curves and details of his creations. A form of abstraction has been preserved by the artist, as if to encourage each visitor to draw his or her own interpretation of the work and the layout. Everyone is therefore invited to take part in this initiatory and introspective journey."


To discover the interview in its entirety, go here!


A very nice article from Beware Magazine!