2008 LUXEMBOURG // Solo exhibition art gallery Leukos

Published on 2013-08-19

2008 LUXEMBOURG // Solo exhibition art gallery Leukos 2008 LUXEMBOURG // Solo exhibition art gallery Leukos    
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An oasis of talent placed above a desert of mediocrity. Everyone who is use to go see contemporary art exhibitions is forced to notice that the world of fine contemporary art is in decline.  It gets more and more similar to a human growing sickly from a lack of creativity originality and sincerity.  A copies B who gets inspired by C who himself copies A, all gathered in a saddening hotchpotch:  they call it conceptual art while they have no clue of who truly is that Arte Povera child, because for a while they can make the public believe they are exceptional genius when exhibiting the wheel of a tractor framed between 2 table legs nailed down to a board.
Others offer bronze sculptures, made from a plaster cast prefabricated and visitors are amazed by the detail of the work.

Fortunately, inside this mess, authentic artists dare to share with us, with a calm and clear voice, what they feel and what move them.  Amaury Dubois is one of them. You will discover this artist while losing yourself into his undeniable sense of creativity. He offers oil paintings on canvas that would make you believe his world has more dimensions than ours.

Amaury Dubois is using layers from different worlds to offer creations you will need to deeply jump into to measure the subtlety of his work, where culture and science meet humour and sagacity.
Each piece of his work has been delicately created, no precipitation, no haste in his gesture.
Obviously a pictorial story written with a hand guided with method and balance. The subtle details testify of a surprising maturity for such a young artist, without heavy indigestive and pretentious repetitions.
No straight forward slogan or word, What he has chosen to share with us, he shares it with courtesy, civility, using sentences organised in colourful strophes, that can only lead us to reflexion.
One thing is sure: Once the art system will decide to talk about artists before their name appear in the necrology section of our newspaper, Amaury Dubois will still be around.

 Let’s not forget what we witness today and consider as real talent, is only the beginning of a future success.

Frederico Dovesi

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