2006 FRANCE // Paris - Exhibition of French artists

Published on 2013-08-10

2006 FRANCE // Paris - Exhibition of French artists    
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Before participating in "Desk and Easel" in 2000 in Bondues, "I was afraid to exhibit", smiles Amaury. He was just 20 when he was thrown into the arena and "the feedback I've had reassured me a lot. Given my age, I can stand next to my paintings unrecognised and listen. Often people do not think it could be me... Most of the time, they are impressed. "However, this mature painting, fluid and colourful, is really his.A permanent passion that has occupied him full time for 5 years. Self-taught, he now has his own style. "Courbisme". "I am inspired by natural forms (plants, water etc.) nature has a gift for creating beautiful things. I do not claim to reach its magnitude, but let's just say it is a tribute.

"A great tribute apparently as Amaury has been selected for the second time to exhibit at the French Artists gallery in Vincennes, Paris. Competing with thousands of painters, he is therefore one of the 900 welcomed into the competition with his painting "Le dernier rouge". A fireworks explosion of shapes and colours that is actually an allegory of the Cold War.
"Just like this one, all my paintings tell a story. The goal is not to impose my vision but to make people dream or think. It's necessary to have a dialogue with the viewer, the painting retains a share of its mystery... It's a bit like a flower that could open. "This is probably what won over the competition jury, for selection, they had only a name and a slide. They did not know the age of the artist. "I am one of the youngest, confirmed Amaury. Usually, a young painter is 40 years old, while I am at the foetus stage! A foetus that kicks a lot... "

In the last 5 years, his young career has indeed been busy, between exhibitions and fairs, between Berlin, Paris, Belgium and Lille Métropole where he exhibits in several galleries. In January, he will submit 35 of his paintings to "another magical place" The Hermitage in Ghent.
Paris and Lille are just the next steps in the road to glory.

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