2006 FRANCE // Bondues collective exhibition cultural arena

Published on 2006-04-09

2006 FRANCE // Bondues collective exhibition cultural arena    
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Desks and Easels: back to the source for Amaury Dubois
Along with around forty other painters, the young Bonduois painter Amaury Dubois is exhibiting again in the cultural arena in Desks and Easels.
He has painting "in the guts", in his blood. And this in a very real sense, since his mother, Sophie, also exhibits in the Bonduois Artists workshop, all this weekend. Desks and Easels is just a "family event", which has a special meaning for the young 28 year old man: it hosted his first exhibition in 2000. Since then, he has not missed a single exhibition, because "this is my city. This is where I grew up. It's always nice to show my paintings to people I live amongst".
His paintings this year are three in number: Visage aquatique, Lagons d’étoiles and Mexica. The choice is not made by chance: a "sample" of 3 periods from 4 years in the life of the painter, all in turquoise blue and soft curves, which "tell of a mini-journey." Above all, they breath out the sensitivity and passion of a young painter, who fell into it at the age of 20, who "paints like we speak". Today, you can no longer ignore them. The last break he took from his art resulted in unexplained anxiety attacks. "The body said stop. My paintings, I do bring them to life and they brings me to life too". Not yet financially, even if it is Amaury's goal. Over 8 years and since the first Desks and Easels, the artist has increased the number of exhibitions. This month, his paintings will be on show in Hosingen, Luxembourg, Bastogne in Belgium and... at a dealer in Villeneuve d'Ascq, with whom a partnership is under way. In June 2009, he will return to Bondues for the first solo exhibition in "his" city. And in a cultural exhibition space to match his talent. Amaury hopes "to put Bondues on the map" but promised not miss any future exhibitions of Desks and Easels "at home"...

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