2000 // FRANCE Exhibition artist painter Lille gallery

Published on 2000-12-20

2000 // FRANCE Exhibition artist painter Lille gallery    
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The painter Amaury Dubois knows what he wants:
A young painter from Lille, 21 years old, educated at Saint Luc but self-taught by conviction.
 After the first  solo exhibition at Saint Amand  he exhibited his  paintings  on the walls of the Courant d'Art art gallery in Lille and already gave the impression of a mature artist who had found his style.
"I move forward like a sponge", he said. "All my paintings are very personal. One could even say that everyone of them will correspond to a state of mind, to one of my preoccupations. They are an extension of feelings experienced on a specific day". His style came thanks to hard work. "I do not stop, day or night, I cannot leave a blank canvas".
You will doubtless see the influence of Surrealism tinged with Cubism but this painter form Lille speaks of "Courbisme". Because there's nothing straight in reality. Because he took it upon himself to destroy straight lines. Because rebellion has nothing to do with straightness. Because his style has nurtured a passion for everything that is fluid, liquid, watery.
At the same time, he dresses his anxieties up in flattering colours, giving his paintings several levels of interpretation.
Appearance against reality, superficial against depth."
La voix du Nord Lille

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