2001 FRANCE // Collective exhibition of paintings

Published on 2002-04-21

2001 FRANCE // Collective exhibition of paintings    
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 "A dream has no price" A thirst for freedom, a desire to break a system which is too linear, Amaury Dubois is a young  painter  who uses his art as a therapy. At the Desks and Easels exhibition, he will show some of his most intimate paintings . A young painter you should really get to know.
In a workshop, the walls covered with paintings and graffiti, an old pair of paint-stained jeans, a tie lousy hung around his neck. At 21, the young painter seems to have come from another world, from this land of dreams he likes to go back to in his paintings. The young man who will be among the exhibitors at Desks and Easels, has always drawn. "When I was 7 years old, I remember I wanted to stop drawing because I could not be better than my mother. Now I am", he exclaims, smiling. A mother with a sharpened pencil, a tendency to fly in parallel worlds,
Amaury seemed born for art.
A go-getter, ambitious, he began making T-shirts on which he played with colours and shades. He then took up oil painting on old pieces of recycled cardboard. Amaury refined his style, bought his first canvases and refocused on the main theme of his work: curves and the aquatic environment.
In his paintings, he dislocates lines with curves. He breaks up, with a stroke of his brushes, the universe that surrounds him. "The straight line is for me the stress of everyday life. The world around us can quickly become boring. It's too flat, always the same, everyday worries, taxes payable, problems at work, etc.". So Amaury creates his own world, that of dreams. The curves express the freedom that the young artist values more than anything. "I break the system that is imposed on me".
"I could give a name to each painting, they are an extension of my personality, they all have something to say. "Each painting represents an emotion, joys, sorrows, the desire to cry out. For Amaury, it is important to give meaning to his work. "Otherwise, it's just decorative".
For Desks and Easels, he counts on art lovers to discuss the meaning of things. He loves to hear the views of others on what he does and what they feel. "I put a lot of myself in when I paint a picture. I will prefer you not to buy it as you would buy an Ikea picture", says the young painter. The first time someone offered to buy one of his paintings he refused. "A dream or a feeling, that has no price". Souls sensitive to beautiful things will find them there.

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