2003 FRANCE // Lille solo exhibition art gallery 42

Published on 2003-01-10

2003 FRANCE // Lille solo exhibition art gallery 42    
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Newspaper article:
 "A painter and sculptor in praise of the curve Christophe Catelle  and Amaury Dubois did not
know in advance they would be united in an  exhibition.  Not of the same generation, nor the same experience, without the same technical expression... So nothing seemed to unite them and yet: "As we started to install our work, we discovered that it matched", chorused both the artists. Curves starting on painted canvas seemed to continue in the rounded shapes of the wood... Contrasts born in the lights and shadows of the wood were extended in the painted work.
Looking good when installed (one might even say staged), this exhibition still reveals two radically different approaches. Christophe Catelle struggles through the maze, searching for the light... Amaury Dubois also! Originally inspired by the sea, of which he described the fluid mechanics and the movement of the waves, he continued in his work of destruction of the straight line.
The colours are more distinct, the line more assertive: "I search thoroughly through my memories, and I fly in my dreams," he says, more than ever inspired by plants and nature.
La voix du nord

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