2004 FRANCE // Paris, Salon des Artistes Français.

Published on 2003-07-26

2004 FRANCE // Paris, Salon des Artistes Français.    
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Newspaper article
"" Amaury Dubois, a name already well known by the Métropole painters. In four years, the young man has become part of the very closed circle of painters, especially considering he is only 24 years old. On Monday, he will exhibit at the Salon des artistes Français in Paris.
From Monday, it has been the turn of  Amaury Dubois  to have the privilege of seeing on the gallery wall his latest painting, "Le songe Cortes". A painting with a blood red background and whose appearance recalls the world  of the Aztec.
Amaury breaks up, with sudden brush strokes, the adult world which surrounds him. The young painter prefers to leave room for curves. Such is his confidence.
So, over time, Amaury has used his passion for botany and nature to transform his drawings.
Sales across Europe, an imposing style that differentiates the young prodigy from other painters.
It may also be the reason why his rise did not take long. Today, Amaury Dubois has begun to make a name for himself, as they say in the milieu, particularly through the exhibition of some paintings in Lille and Belgian galleries. Some, already sold, are off to all parts of Europe. "

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