2004 FRANCE // Guest of honour at the exhibition of painters

Published on 2004-10-21

2004 FRANCE // Guest of honour at the exhibition of painters    
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Newspaper article
Nearly 80 works exhibited by a score of amateur painters... and those of Amaury Dubois, the guest of honour, who is only 24 years old yet is  already an established painter : the 10th exhibition of painters open its doors again this Sunday to art lovers.
"Painter of passion". The most original works are certainly those of the guest of honour at the exhibition,  Amaury Dubois .

This artist has developed a very personal style, Like "the door" painting, where curves break through straight lines where the colours explode in an often dazzling light, where nature, the sky, the pieces all fit together... He has turned his passion for painting into his profession. A risky choice but one he takes full responsibility for. "I studied advertising at Saint Luc in Tournai, but the last 4 years, I decided to make a living from my painting. Anyway, I could not do otherwise. I thought it was not reasonable, I was told that, but I only thought, I will get started". It was not a bad choice: in 4 years, he has exhibited in several galleries in Lille, but also in Berlin and  in an exhibition of French artists in Paris".
"At the opening ceremony attended by the mayor and the M.P., Marie-Christine Despinoy, Assistant Deputy Minister for Culture, reiterated that during the 10th exhibition, three exhibitors would be rewarded on Sunday by the OMACL. She spoke in front of all these collected works of a "feast for the eyes," "escape", and for those of Amaury Dubois, she cited Miro, in wishing him a long career: "Painting is a sacred adventure, we do not do what we want." A sentence to which the young painter can only agree. He explained: "Some will love my style, some not, but who cares as long as it is done with passion, and this applies to all the works here".
"After all, the purpose of art is not to please, look pretty, but first and foremost to arouse emotion".

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