Newspaper Article Voix du Nord January 2013

Published on 2013-04-17

Newspaper Article Voix du Nord January 2013    
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Born in Lille 32 years ago with a brush in his hand, Amaury Dubois paints "the invisible that surrounds us". His works are colourful, eventful, abstract, and represent "what is and is not seen", and invites us to share emotions and pay attention to the senses". This is a technique that is somewhere between cubism and surrealism. Amaury called it  "Courbisme " A mixture of rigour in the structure, fluid curves between colours and solid blocks.
An undeniable creative sense, yes, but how was he chosen for such a commission? Norpac, a subsidiary of Bouygues, were looking for artists to create a graphic and aesthetic decoration for the Parking lot B1. Amaury Dubois was chosen to carry out forty illustrations broken down as follows: Five different frescoes depicting the themes of sports mobility, culture, Eurométropole, innovation and nature) following the four dominant colours of each parking levels.
However, the virtual palette was not well suited to the artist accustomed to working in oils. He therefore made a swatch for each colour from his usual palette. "I created a bridge between the virtual and the real, I wanted to find my colours", says Amaury. Was a roadmap imposed on him? Very little: Respecting the fresco colour, enhancing the Eurometropole inside and outside the building. "I was referred by the communication services and architects like Sophie Fecherolle of the LMCU but I had a wide margin for manoeuvre". The artist took the project to address the problems and would like to add a human dimension." I gave meaning to the frescoes, a bubbling energy, emotions bringing life to human actions".  Amaury loves to share what he feels. "I see the world as a living being and I explore it. A painting is a way to mark out a path on which everyone can walk". A history buff, he likes to remind us of values. "It is fabulous to have contributed to the building, enhanced the image of my region. I would like to continue making public sculptures, to brighten things up."
"My main thread remains Courbisme (referring to and in opposition to Cubism) that symbolizes for me the perception of time, of reality". Each fresco is a painted surface of finely nuanced colours, delicately laid down. They suggest "a positive burst of energy, representing the movement of men, their hopes. They represent the same philosophical idea : Put aside our differences and unite our energies to move forward".