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Here is a selection of current and future exhibitions of the painter Amaury Dubois. Whether they be group exhibitions, solo exhibitions, art salons, events, art gallery exhibitions etc. You will also find a detailed presentation of retrospective exhibitions.

Art gallery exhibition

Knokke le Zout : Momentum Art Gallery ( David Gerstein, Patrick Rubinstein, Sosno, Richard Orlinski, Carlos Cruz Diez...)

Mulan Gallery  (Shi Wei, Simon Wee, Soh Ee Shaun, Sonny Liew Tan Ping Chiang....)


Galerie Mickael Marciano - Paris 190 rue de Rivoli / Place des Vosges
Galerie Jane Griffiths  - Val d'Isère (Arman - Robert COMBAS - Hervé DI ROSA - ERRO ...)
Galerie Saint Martin - Arcachon - Genève  (Jenkell - Klasen - C215 - Rubinstein ...)

- 2014 : TV - A painting for the last McDonald's ad campaign by Amaury Dubois
- 2014 : Lille - On behalf of the stadium, the artist Amaury Dubois covers spaces and provides a life-size mural on a favourite theme: sports and the hot stands of the Grand Stade of Lille. A gigantic work to be seen right now on the spot!
- 2012 : France - major thematic designs for the Grand Stade de Lille project, in partnership with NORPAC, a subsidiary company of Bouygues Telecom and Urban design for the city of Lille
- 2008 : Creation of a unique design for one particular Smart Mercedes Benz car

- 2016 : Singapore - Solo Exhibition Mulan Art Gallery 
- 2015 : Belgium - Solo Exhibition Momentum Art Gallery
- 2014 : France - Retrospective - Lille - Cultural Center 
- 2013 : France - Amboise - Cultural Center 
- 2011 : France - Lille Gallery Annie Wable
- 2008 : Luxembourg Individual exhibition, art gallery Leukos

- 2000 : Lille gallery Courant d'art

- 2000 : Lille Gallery Etnarref solo exhibition

- 2015 : Luxembourg - Salon Antiques Art Fair
- 2015 : France - Galerie Wagner Group Exhibition
- 2014 : France - Poitier Art Fair ( Prize of the General Council)
- 2014 : France - Cannes Art Fair
- 2013 : France -Strasbourg - ST.ART art fair  
- 2013 : France - Paris - Art Elysées Fair, 
- 2013 : France - Lille - FIDAL First french business lawyer office, has chosen the opening night of the European Contemporary Art Fair "Lille Art Fair" and Amaury Dubois to celebrate its 90th anniversary.
- 2012 : Belgium - Gent exhibition during the LINEART fair 

- 2012 : Cannes - Salon des Artistes du monde  Art fair( Jury Award )
- 2010 : France - Le Touquet : Festival du Touquet
- 2010 : Luxembourg - Chateau de la Rochette
- 2006 : France - Lille "Lille 3000"
- 2006 : France - Paris Salon des Artistes Français

- 2000 : France - Bondues First Exhibition

Artiste listed ARTPRICE also Drouot et Akoun
Prize of the Salon des artistes du monde - Cannes
Prize of the Salon des artistes - Lille MEL
Prize of the Conseil Général de la Vienne - Poitiers
Guest Honour Salon des arts - Lille MEL

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Artist, painter France - Lille

Artist, painter France - Lille

Welcome to my web-studio.
Its virtual doors are wide open and my paintings are waiting for you...
Besides making it possible to discover in a few clicks my latest painting news, my biography, the press or the art exhibitions, this site is mainly intended to provide you with an accessible and extensive palette of my oil paintings.
One hundred oil paintings are at your disposal and classified by style, technique or year of creation. But do not stop at these arbitrary classifications and let yourself follow your own inclinations. Your own search will be the best judge to guide you to the paintings that attract (hopefully) your attention.
Each month, an oil painting will be highlighted, described technically and formally explained, as far as possible. Each month, finally, I intend to follow the evolution of the paintings I'm working through my painter's blog, to help you see my work as a painter in a new light, from the idea, through the sketch to the finished painting.
I do not dwell on my own journey (if you're interested, you can refer to the "Biography"), but would like to pave the way for you along the path to the appreciation of my universe. Colourful, eventful, abstract, emotional, my style is not meant to be abstruse or even opaque. On the contrary, the painting technique...

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