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Painting "Color Seed"- Contemporary Dripping

Painting "Color Seed"- Contemporary Dripping Painting "Color Seed"- Contemporary Dripping Painting "Color Seed"- Contemporary Dripping    
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Oil painting on canvas
195 x 97 cm

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Like a seed which would have been pounced on the white canvas et which would have suddenly bloomed, Color Seed offers us a truly birth of colors, nature and life! In this Amaury Dubois’ contemporary painting, the geometry of the atmosphere comes to mingle with the natural geometry of the leaves, to bear an endless and intoxicating wave of colors, just under our eyes. Instantly captivated by this emergence of life, our look is rocked by the rhythm of the colourful curves that the artist is known for, and dives with wonder into all the beauty of this artwork.

The richness of technics and multiples styles of Amaury Dubois, perfectly associated in one and the same painting, confer to this artwork a feeling of infinite revival, by which one our spirit is transported with pleasure. The artist would almost invite us in a personal travel in the heart of his art, in a contemporary artwork both abstract and figurative, both in dripping and geometric style, thereby creating for our greater pleasure a new painting as unique as poetic.

Oil painting on canvas, realised by the artist-painter Amaury Dubois.
Contemporary artwork from the Dripping collection

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