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Abstract paintingsFamous paintingscontemporary paintingsgeometrical paintingsmodern paintings, often colorful paintings, here you can explore the gallery of oil paintings on canvas from Amaury Dubois, a painter. This comprehensive collection reveals the invisible that surrounds us. A contemporary and modern art movement where nothing is fixed but is in constant flux. A pictorial synthesis on the abstract way of observing the world.

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Abstract Painting

contemporary Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting is an art in itself. The oil paintings of Amaury Dubois, a painter revealing the unseen that surrounds us. A contemporary and modern art movement where nothing is fixed but is in constant flux.

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Figurative Colorful Painting

Colorful painting

Colorful Figurative Painting

This resolutely contemporary and figurative collection represents the essence of the artist's Courbisme. Painting life in motion, drawing the invisible that surrounds us, and to appropriate these moments as if time has been frozen

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Icone & Pop Art Painting

pop art painting

Icon contemporary painting

Although the music spearheads many of his artworks, the artist always had the wish of truly combine his two passions through paintings which are not inspired by music, but paying tribute to it. After many years of reflexion, it is all done! Amaury Dubois thus introduces to us a new painting serie, entitled Icon. This one strives in highlighted icons who inspired the artist, through vibrant and colourful portraits, sincerely paying tribute to feelings offered by this icons in their music.

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Contemporary Painting Dripping

contemporary painting

Contemporary Painting dripping

How can we translate the abstract that we are? The contemporary paintings in the "Dripping Duality" collection send us on a resolutely modern and artistic journey to the heart of our own personality. A true introspection on complexity of humankind, these paintings reflect the mosaic of emotions that animate us, like a multifaceted mirror.

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