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Abstract paintingsFamous paintingscontemporary paintingsgeometrical paintingsmodern paintings, often colorful paintings, here you can explore the gallery of oil paintings on canvas from Amaury Dubois, a painter. This comprehensive collection reveals the invisible that surrounds us. A contemporary and modern art movement where nothing is fixed but is in constant flux. A pictorial synthesis on the abstract way of observing the world.

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Abstract Painting

contemporary Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting is an art in itself. The oil paintings of Amaury Dubois, a painter revealing the unseen that surrounds us. A contemporary and modern art movement where nothing is fixed but is in constant flux. The curves in these vivid and colourful paintings are always searching their way. These abstract paintings expose the movement of air, body fluids, water, plant forms, wind, light, and reveal the energies that run through us constantly. Vital to the creation of any life, these forces cling, search, fall, rise, slide and head back to the source. A pictorial synthesis on an abstract way of observing the world.

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Figurative Colorful Painting

Colorful painting

Colorful Figurative Painting

This resolutely contemporary and figurative collection represents the essence of the artist's Courbisme. Painting life in motion, drawing the invisible that surrounds us, and to appropriate these moments as if time has been frozen : then these curves appear in the full act of creation, mutation. These colorful oil paintings on canvas then reveal to us the movement of air, liquid, water, wind and appropriate all these different energies in which we operate. As in life, the curves in these abstract paintings are always in search of the light, they cling, search, fall, rise and glide irretrievably. These contemporary forms represent instinct and the life force seeking its way through an infinite multitude of atoms, like a man seeking his way among men. We are one with the world around us, we are not frozen and we are constantly changing. Every second our atoms leave us to create something else and are replaced by others. A part of us lives in these abstract curves and a part of them lives in something else...

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Icone & Pop Art Painting

pop art painting

Icon contemporary painting

First passion of artist, music is inseparable of Amaury Dubois. Continually rocked by this one, both in his artist’s studio or in his daily life, it is naturally becoming inspirational for many of his paintings. Basis for inspiration or main subject of a painting, rock enthusiasts could have fun trying to find the references in most artist’s paintings. For example, you will find Nirvana in The sun is gone but…inspired by the clip of Heart Shaped Box, the Pixies in the painting Where is my Mindthe Rolling Stones from Shine a Light, Jamiroquai with Morning Glory, or again the Beattles in many paintings such as Here Comes The SunThe Fool On The Hill, …, and maybe Gaudi in the sky with diamonds

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Contemporary Painting Dripping

contemporary painting

Contemporary Painting dripping

How can we translate the abstract that we are? The contemporary paintings in the "Dripping Duality" collection send us on a resolutely modern and artistic journey to the heart of our own personality. A true introspection on complexity of humankind, these paintings reflect the mosaic of emotions that animate us, like a multifaceted mirror. Never frozen, always in motion, our behaviour follows the course of our personal history. Sometimes reasonable, at other times unreasonable, these contemporary paintings put down our emotions on canvas as encounters, successes and sometimes failures. A double artistic technique carried out by Amaury Dubois reinforces this divided strand: Courbisme is related to reason, concentration and control. The more unstructured Dripping is associated with energy, drive and passion. The complicity of the two worlds that intersect and criss-cross irreparably echo this inner struggle that drives us every day.

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