Artistic Philosophy

artistic philosophy

« To Show the invisible, yet surrounding us ».

The movement of air, fluids, water, wind, light, all these energies we come across daily and in which we are walking and swimming in constantly. We are always drenched in atoms in movements. We are not glued to an object or a place but are in constant mutations.
Each second atoms are living our bodies to go and create something new somewhere else, and they instantly get replaced by other ones. My artwork reveals this symbiosis in which man and world become one.

Life is a movement and I try to capture this in my work, as if time stopped.
From there appear those curves in work of creation and destruction, revealing the distorted faces and bodies, satiated with moving water,  creating movements under the skin just as if a storm was playing inside them.
The heat of the sun allows our body to  bring out some water, falling straight to the ground, where a plant use it to grow… nothing is created nor lost, all get recycle.

The curves from my artwork are constantly seeking for water and light. Vital elements for every birth on earth, those invisible forces hold on, seek, hide, come out and slide to the source just like every human being. They are the hands that generate life. Those curves represent the instinct of life itself.

Now will you surelyobserve this work from a different angle… or curve should we say...