Icon Painting Amy Winehouse

Icon Painting Amy Winehouse Icon Painting Amy Winehouse Icon Painting Amy Winehouse    
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Icon Serie - Amy Winehouse

Contemporary painting, oil on canva

146 x 114 cm - 2019

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With her recognizable voice, reminding those of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaugan or Wanda Jackson, Amy Winehouse have marked the history of music forever. It is in 2006, thanks to the album Back to Black, that she will be revealed to the world. After that, she won the prices of Best new artist, Album of the year and Sing of the year at the Grammy Awards 2007. Sold more than twenty million copies, certified twice platinum disc, Back to Black is still one of the most sold albums on the history of recorded music.

Immersed in Amy Winehouse’s jazz and blues universe, the artist Amaury Dubois realizes a portrait paying tribute to all the singularity of this icon of music. The colourful and contemporary universe of the painter mixes with the mythic hair of the musician, as if it was even more phenomenal and in order to sublimate the fasciation effect that Amy Winehouse always generated in all of us. A painting out of time, where paint and music intertwine to multiply our emotions.


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  • Height : 146cm
  • Width : 114cm
  • Technical : Oil painting on canvas

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