Courbisme at the Annie Wable art gallery France

Published on 2011-02-17

Courbisme at the Annie Wable art gallery France    
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He is showing his oil paintings in which are the forces which guide each of us are embedded.
"We are all guided by something which cannot be described. I try to physically represent this force", says Amaury Dubois. The Lille painter has been exhibiting, since February 10th, twenty of his paintings in the Annie Wable gallery. The artist speaks of "Courbisme" to describe his style. Shapes in bright colours try to "catch the light, to grow, to expand." Multiple curves are spread over the canvas.

The artist tries to represent life in motion, as if time had frozen. With his works, he tries to convey a message: "Nothing is fixed, you must provide yourself the means to have the life you dream of. There is nothing worse than wasting your life". Different forms intertwine and show this sometimes tortuous road, which can lead us to our dreams. "We are trying to move forward, sometimes we turn away from the right path, but we always take it again". At the age of 30, the artist has exhibited in many galleries in France and abroad: Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal etc. "It's like a game of chess, each move is anticipated. I start painting when I am sure to succeed." He mixes his colours very carefully. An "exhausting" job which gives him no respite. Each brush stroke is carefully thought out. "When I start a painting, it is already finished. "For the first time, he is showing in the Vieux-Lille gallery, sketches in ink, pastel or charcoal, different stages of his work.

ANOUCK LEGROS, local correspondent - Nord éclair Exhibition showing until March 10th. The Annie Wable Gallery: 4, rue Thiers.

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