Colorful Painting Walk to the sun

Colorful Painting Walk to the sun Colorful Painting Walk to the sun    
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Figurative Oil painting on canvas

295 x 114 cm - 2010

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Colorful contemporary painting about desert, joshua tree, modern figurative oil painting on canvas by the painter Amaury Dubois artist.

"Peinture Walk to the sun"

he theme, the colours, the movement... as in life everything is connected, in a sense. Nothing is there in this painting at random, as in most of my paintings, there is a second interpretation, a hidden meaning, a message.
I have this very masculine fault is to shut myself up in my thoughts, to take refuge there to solve my problems and after evaluating all possible answers, only to emerge from the silence with "the solution."
This painting is one of the many places I "walk" during periods of reflection, that is to say, often.
 It is the direct follow-up to my previous painting "Cactus". This set off a reflection, an inventory. These paintings are a kind of journey of initiation: I started this imaginary trek in Mexico greeted by a cactus, then across the desert to the south, where I arrived in the Mojave Desert, famous for its Joshua trees. All this trip without ever leaving home.
Why Joshua trees? These trees were named "Joshua trees" because, according to the religious people who crossed the Mojave Desert in the middle of the 19th century, the tree's shape made them think of Joshua showing them, with his outstretched arms, the way to the Promised Land.
These trees in the painting show us the way to the light, the sun, a new beginning, a new life based on our dreams.
I am arriving now at the border of what I always set myself as a goal in life.
Our dreams are our Promised Land.
Walk to the sun!

  • Technical : Oil painting on canvas

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