Colorful Painting Le passage

Colorful Painting Le passage Colorful Painting Le passage Colorful Painting Le passage Colorful Painting Le passage    
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Figurative Oil painting on canvas

162 x 130 cm - 2012

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Colorful contemporary painting about Alhambra, Granada, Andalousia, modern figurative oil painting on canvas by the painter Amaury Dubois artist.

"Le passage"

Travel Diary This year, I had the opportunity to explore the South of Spain. A trip to the heart of the Alhambra rich in discoveries and emotions. An inspiration that gave me the desire to create this work and share it with you today.
 A game of facts & reflections Freshly back from my expedition, I stand on the terrace on the roof. I look along the valley of the Alhambra removing its clothing of light and announcing the approach of twilight. Leaning back in a chair, accompanied by a glass of wine on a crystal table, I notice that it matches perfectly the reflections in the valley. The symmetrical border of a parallel world, where reality merges with the illusion. A harbinger, a memory similar to that of the "Tour des Dames" revealing the image of ponds reflecting the building's facade and revealing its secrets.
 At the heart of Granada, the Alhambra... The Alhambra, an atypical land between two cultures, between two times. The history of this region is closely linked to the city of Grenada and its old quarters. On a rocky hill protected by the mountains and surrounded by forests, stands the Alhambra.
It is an imposing castle with reddish tones, concealing behind its walls the delicate beauty of its interior. Founded in the mid-thirteenth century, the Alhambra and its fortress, gets its name from its founder Alhmanar. It became the residence of the kings of Granada.
In the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the fortress became a citadel with high ramparts, flanked by defensive towers, which housed the barracks of the royal guard and the Medina where the Nasrid Palace can be found. The monumental complex also includes an separate palace opposite the Alhambra, surrounded by orchards and gardens.
"La Tour des Dames", the Climax of the work Over the course of my visit to the heart of the Alhambra I came across this beautifully appointed tower: La Tour des Dames. It is among the largest of the buildings of the magnates who lived around the Royal Palace and its decoration is the oldest in the Alhambra. Known by different names over time, early on it was called "Partal" (portico in English) because its five arches formed a portico. An anecdote that makes complete sense in the painting, we will see later...
The rafters of the "Dames", between the ceiling & the roof
I started this work with the peaks. An intense azure blue sky streaked with light, in squinting, which reveals the sweltering heat of southern Spain and the rays of the sun striking the brown tiles, already turned brown by fire.
The facade of the "Dames" around the Tower
 In the evolution of the painting "la Tour de Dame" shows the contours of its facade. Consisting of five arches below, in the Arabist style, made from discrete mosaics, they form all together, a portico. This "Partal" welcomes us into her bosom. An invitation to cross over to the other side, to cross the border perhaps to discover another world...
My head in the stars... Attracted by this vestige of another time, I found myself drawn like a magnet to this heavenly place. Scrutinising the arches and portico they welcomed me with open arms, I let myself be lulled by the gentle melody of its architecture. The plain floor, bedecked walls and ceilings decorated with furrows, passing through the stone and resembling the Milky Way full of stars on a summer's evening.

My head in the stars, I stood transfixed, contemplative. A pause in a busy world where the time on the clock is not the time of the moment.
The room layout, the orientation of the portico and the location of the pools reinforce this impression. An initiatory journey that shows me the way: that of a passage, of a moment against time and out of time, a parallel universe where night becomes day and day becomes dark.
 A final nod to "Passage". You can see in this a form that weaves itself through the façade and there in the windows and basement windows. A detail at first glance, but which gives this painting its true meaning.
This play of shapes and imperfect reflections is an invitation, a hand offered from the other world where borders no longer exist, where the measure of time and place is different. These latter come and go, they collide, intersect and present a golden background between two worlds: the real & the illusion. Intoxicating, captivating, these forms draws us to other lands.
 Plunge headlong to find the other side of the mirror... With hindsight, this ubiquitous play of reflections, these calculated symmetries, these multiple mirror effects, lead me to reflect on the inspiration of the builder. The enigmatic "Tour des Dames" conceals a secret... The majestic portico and wide open doors welcome me with open arms and draw me into another world, another reality, like a vortex.
As if I could move my hand and feel another dimension, a new material. An abstract passage and yet such a palpable border of a parallel world where reality merges with illusion and that illusion mixes with reality. In this reflection, what is reality? Where is it located? I am a reflection of someone or myself? Am I another me in a parallel universe or am I just a shadow, a reflection? My life and my destiny are they already written? A passage in the form of an introspection that reveals in me the passage from one spirit to another.


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Amaury Dubois  
Born in 1980 and originally from Lille in the North of France. The artist draws his inspiration from the world around us. With his so particular style, which he has named “Courbisme” and his exacerbated vision of reality, Amaury Dubois creates colourful contemporary artworks, rich in life and emotion. World-renowned, he has also carried out numerous large-scale projects, such as the largest contemporary fresco ever created in a church in France at Châtelaillon-Plage, the creation of custom-made frescoes for the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium in Lille and the use of one of his paintings for a McDonald’s advertising campaign.


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  • Technical : Oil painting on canvas

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