Painting Drum Beatles - Sgt. Pepper

Painting Drum Beatles - Sgt. Pepper Painting Drum Beatles - Sgt. Pepper Painting Drum Beatles - Sgt. Pepper    
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Figurative artwork - Drum Beatles

Contemporary oil painting on canvas

120 x 120 cm

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"The Fool on the hill", "Nature mother's son", ..., Amaury Dubois' paintings inspired by Beatles songs are abundant. For this new painting, it's not one song but a whole album that inspired the artist. A real break in the Fab Four discography and above all a real musical revolution of the time, the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band, which the artist is particularly fond of, is still today considered by everyone as the most mythical album of the Beatles and quite simply of the 20th century. For the first time ever, an album is thought out in its entirety, and no longer as a series of singles subsequently compiled on a 33T. A concept is researched right down to the cover, the songs echo each other to tell a story, and sometimes even follow each other without cuts. A true work of art.

On this colorful painting, Amaury Dubois has chosen to represent in his own way the famous drums at the heart of Peter Blake's collage, made for the cover. Beyond the beauty of this drum, this specific choice is not insignificant for the artist.
Resonating in each song, discreetly carrying each instrument and each word, the drums are like the soul of a band, beating to the rhythm of the beats of the members who compose it. So it is not so much to the iconic album of an entire generation, but to the heart of The Beatles, that Amaury Dubois echoes in this artwork. A simple yet poetic way for the painter to express his admiration and gratitude for the British quartet, whose music has always accompanied him.


Let yourself be carried away by this sunny canvas and the soft beat of his drums and who knows, maybe the notes of "Lucy in the skyes with diamonds" or "Gettin' better" will start to reason in your mind...

Oil painting on canvas, made by the painter Amaury Dubois.
Contemporary work from the Collection Figurative Colorful painting


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  • Technical : Oil painting on canvas

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