Lago di Garda Painting

Lago di Garda Painting Lago di Garda Painting Lago di Garda Painting    
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Figurative artwork - Lago di Garda

Contemporary oil painting on canvas

130 x 89 cm

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"Lago di Garda" where the journey to the heart of the largest lake in Italy

Amaury Dubois takes us to the North of Italy between Venice and Milan straight to the shores of Lake Garda in the Italian Alps.

Let us interest us then in this contemporary work of 89 x 130 cm, that of the "Lake Garda". The artist gives to his paintings an interpretation of the existing by the paths of Courbism which are lost in the valley in the distance.

In the foreground, one can see a postcard landscape nestling in a fishing village where boats compete in seductive colors. On either side of the riverbank, there are the remains of monasteries dating back to the 13th century. Indeed, it is on the Isle of Guard that Saint Francis of Assisi founded in 1220 a monastery, which was destroyed in the 18th century, and on which today there is a 19th century palace in Venetian neo-gothic style that you can see on the picture. In the heart of the canvas, we are caught up in the immensity of the largest lake in Italy, whose surface area is close to 400km². In the distance the sky cut out of light plunges into the valley formed by the perpetual movement of the glacier.

An invitation to travel where the strength of the colors, the work of the curves, the meticulousness of the details, the revelation of the light and the rendering of the densities transport us in a dreamlike universe in the heart of the living. Through this Italian parenthesis, the artist offers us a break in a world on the move where the snapshot of the moment lingers on the canvas.


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About the Artist

Amaury Dubois  
Born in 1980 and originally from Lille in the North of France. The artist draws his inspiration from the world around us. With his so particular style, which he has named “Courbisme” and his exacerbated vision of reality, Amaury Dubois creates colourful contemporary artworks, rich in life and emotion. World-renowned, he has also carried out numerous large-scale projects, such as the largest contemporary fresco ever created in a church in France at Châtelaillon-Plage, the creation of custom-made frescoes for the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium in Lille and the use of one of his paintings for a McDonald’s advertising campaign.


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  • Technical : Oil painting on canvas

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