The Warmth of the sun

The Warmth of the sun The Warmth of the sun The Warmth of the sun The Warmth of the sun The Warmth of the sun    
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Oil painting on canvas

| 195 x 114 cm

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Painting "The Warmth of the sun

Directly inspired by DJ Neff's mural, painted at the Shoreline Hotel Waikiki, Amaury Dubois' new painting The warmth of the sun invites you to travel to the tropics. Luminous and flamboyant colors bring to life the lush vegetation of the Hawaiian Islands. Palm trees, banana trees and other exotic plants are represented with the warm and vivid colors of the setting sun. The meeting of this mural and the Beach Boys' song The Warmth of the sun acted as a catalyst for the artist to reinterpret this mural by DJ Neff.

"I immediately liked the bright, cheerful, luminous colors that DJ Neff used to represent the vegetation of this island. They echo the ones I like to use. The idea of reinterpreting this work came to me while listening to the song The warmth of the sun by the Beach Boys. Listening to it, I feel a mixture of nostalgia and calm, like what the Beach Boys express in this song in which they compare the warmth of the sun's rays to the warmth of a lost love's arms... It's a bit like what you can feel at the end of a hot summer day, when the sun goes down... "


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