Colorful Painting The fool on the hill

Colorful Painting  The fool on the hill Colorful Painting  The fool on the hill Colorful Painting  The fool on the hill Colorful Painting  The fool on the hill Colorful Painting  The fool on the hill Colorful Painting  The fool on the hill Colorful Painting  The fool on the hill Colorful Painting  The fool on the hill    
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Figurative Oil painting on canvas

162 x 130 cm - 2010

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Colorful contemporary painting about the Beatles, and their song "The fool on the hill", modern figurative oil painting on canvas by the painter Amaury Dubois artist.

"The fool on the hill"

 The Fool on the Hill... A Beatles song which, since my childhood, running through my head like a story that is read again and again to grasp its hidden meaning. The story of a man like no other and therefore, as far as others are concerned, just crazy. The story of a man who still does not understand mankind and prefers to make his own way rather than follow the beaten paths of morality and false pretences.
It's a bit like my story and it's a bit like yours, because we all, at one time or another, are faced with this madness of humanity that we would desire to run away from. Through work, solitude, art or love... Often a little of all these.
This painting is my interpretation of the song "The fool on the hill", but it will have, like the song, the meaning that you read into it.
You will probably be initially struck by the conflict between the warm and cold colours representing the divide between the hill, on one side, and the world on the other. The visual climax of this painting is hidden in the bluish magma covering the hill. The fool on the hill, it is of course this man, this flute player, who chooses the calming shade to give expression to his soul, taking shelter in a world that, up there, regains all its splendour. His music, you will be able to hear it through this bouquet of colours that bursts forth from his flute. Like crazy snakes, the swirling colours go forth to conquer this dark world as dark as it is bright in appearance, and passing through the shadows to merge into a lush natural landscape and a fiery sky.
Like Edward Scissorhands, who made snow fall on a village as ordered as it was disturbed, our artist casts his melodies to the wind, in the hope that they will soothe the teeming tumult of the world.
Does this mean he can be said to be happy, this artist one-on-one with his art? Lost between the moon and the sun, it is as if he transfixed between light and shadow. The madman is only himself when free but is only at peace in society, when he allows even himself to perform in the hellish theatre of life. To Devote himself to his art, it's a little like sacrificing his life; to gain access to the tormented wisdom of the thinking man and to renounce the simple well-being of a man following the established pattern. So, rather than choose, the artist prefers to use his art as a bridge between each reality and to give everyone the opportunity to borrow it to escape, in the time of a single melody, into an intoxicating alternative world.
Do not be afraid to go to crazy as our mad fantasies are beautiful. Having fun, loving, laughing like crazy, it has never hurt anyone, right? So paint, think about it!

"Day after day,
Alone on a hill,
The man with th
e foolish grin is keeping perfectly still
But nobody wants to know him,
They can see that he's just a fool,
And he never gives an answer,

But the fool on the hill,
Sees the sun going down,


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  • Height : 130cm
  • Width : 162
  • Technical : Oil painting on canvas

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