Colorful Painting "Cordoba"

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Figurative Oil painting on canvas

195 x 130 cm - 2013

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Colorful contemporary painting about Cathedral, Cordoba, Andalousia, modern figurative oil painting on canvas by the artist Amaury Dubois.


This time the painter, Amaury Dubois, invites you Spain, in the heart of Andalusia. He carries off the challenge of synthesis in this representation of Cordoba, the cradle of Roman, Visigoth and Muslim civilisation. A sensitive journey where here and there one discovers: the perfume of the orange groves, the ancient Umayyad mosque-cathedral with its lush court, the yellow walls that are so characteristic of the city, and the shaded streets burnt by a blazing sun. Cordoba is a blend of influences or the magic of a landscape marked by the clash of centuries of diverse cultures.  


Fine art prints numbered and signed editions have been created and are available in the Fine art Prints section of the shop.

It is available in 3 limited edition Art Poster collections : one edition in 2 copies, one Edition in 8 copies and one ultimate edition in 20 copies. All are signed and numbered by the artist.


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