Colorful Painting "hyacinths in Black Mount"

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Figurative Oil painting on canvas

195 x 130 cm - 2013

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Colorful contemporary painting about forest and Bluebells in Black Mount, in French Flanders, modern figurative oil painting on canvas by the painter Amaury Dubois artist.

"hyacinths in Black Mount"

At the discovery of a land that is so dear to his heart, the painter Amaury Dubois makes a stop in his native Flanders. At a turn in the path of a Sunday outing in the heart of the Monts, one easily gives way to the enchantment of these acres of mysterious forests of panoramic dimensions!  From the month of April, there is the often unrecognized but rare and fragile spectacle of the purple hyacinths that blanket the ground. Symbol of prudence and wisdom, purple is also the last colour of the rainbow, the last step of a cycle, the ultimate door and threshold where our own truth lies in hiding. Enchanted by the beauty of the place, by the serenity of the moment when this dappled purple encourages us towards introspection, to the quest for transcendence, to the need for guidance and orientation. 

Discover in video the creation of this painting step by step : Watch the timelapse video on Youtube

  • Technical : Oil painting on canvas

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