Colorful Painting Gaudi in the sky with diamonds

Colorful Painting Gaudi in the sky with diamonds

Figurative Oil painting on canvas

61 x 50 cm - 2009

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Colorful painting Gaudi in the sky with Diamonds

On a starry sky stand out four towers surmounted by a pinnacle. They seem to be hoisted by the waves that entwine and knot together, these colorful waves both bright and dark that move and rush from the earth to the sky. But is it really night? The rest of the sky is blue and calm, the sun rises behind the cathedral. The cathedral is in both day and night.

The painter Amaury Dubois was inspired by the work of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi to paint a surrealist picture. For Gaudí, the Sagrada Família is a hymn to God in which each stone is a verse. It is one of the most famous examples of Catalan modernism and an emblematic monument of the city of Barcelona. It is a part of the World Heritage Site of Humanity.
The title of the work gives another key: the famous Beatles music "Lucy in the sky with diamonds", the pinnacles of the Sagrada Familia are diamonds shining in the sky. Death, life?

The painter Amaury Dubois has painted here a picture that questions the meaning of life.


"gaudi paintings" Colorful contemporary painting about Gaudi, the sagrada Familia, Barcelona, modern figurative oil painting on canvas by the painter Amaury Dubois artist.



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About the Artist

Amaury Dubois  
Born in 1980 and originally from Lille in the North of France. The artist draws his inspiration from the world around us. With his so particular style, which he has named “Courbisme” and his exacerbated vision of reality, Amaury Dubois creates colourful contemporary artworks, rich in life and emotion. World-renowned, he has also carried out numerous large-scale projects, such as the largest contemporary fresco ever created in a church in France at Châtelaillon-Plage, the creation of custom-made frescoes for the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium in Lille and the use of one of his paintings for a McDonald’s advertising campaign.


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