Icon Painting Jimi Hendrix

Icon Painting Jimi Hendrix Icon Painting Jimi Hendrix Icon Painting Jimi Hendrix    
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Icon Serie - Jimi Hendrix

Contemporary painting, oil on canva

146 x 114 cm - 2019

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It tooks only 4 years to Jimi Hendrix to entered in music history forever. Real vanguard, this guitarist – singer – songwriter-composer, imposed himself as one of the biggest players of electric guitar and musician of the XXe century. Innovative in his approach of music, trainer of the Larsen effect, this left-hand liked to play with right-guitars on which ones he reversed strings. All of which had contributed to his legend.

Jimi Hendrix’s portrait in the Icon serie becomes a meeting between Jimi Hendrix’s captivating and psychedelic universe and the curve, colourful and emotional universe of Amaury Dubois. By his artwork, the painter highlights the highly known silhouette of the musician. He gives us a captivating painting, firstly by the dominant look of Hendrix, then by the harmony of curves and colours blooming before our very eyes, taking us both in artist and icon’s imaginary.


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  • Height : 146cm
  • Width : 114cm
  • Technical : Oil painting on canvas

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