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Oil painting, acrylic, aerosol, photography, Amaury Dubois uses various techniques that allow him to explore many worlds. From abstract to figurative or dripping, discover the unique style of Amaury Dubois and his paintings by immersing yourself in each of his worlds.

colorful abstract art

Abstract Art

Abstract painting is an art form in its own right. The oil paintings of Amaury Dubois reveal the invisible that surrounds us. This contemporary and modern artistic movement allows him to express through his works that nothing is fixed and that on the contrary, everything is in perpetual movement. The curves of his vivid and colorful paintings are always looking for their way.

colorful Vegetal abstraction paintings

Vegetal Abstraction

"Abstraction Végétale" represents an artistic exploration on the part of Amaury Dubois, who ventures into territory where nature meets abstraction. By capturing the shapes and patterns of plants, flowers and foliage, the artist creates visually dynamic and expressive compositions. The bright, varied colors used in this series evoke the vitality and diversity of nature, inviting art lovers to plunge into a world where imagination and creativity are the order of the day.

figurative art


This resolutely contemporary and figurative collection represents the essence of Courbism, Amaury Dubois' artistic signature. He likes to paint life in motion and reinterpret what surrounds him by adding his colors, his curves, a way for him to share his vision of the world.

simpson art pop art painting

Pop Art

Dive into the quirky and vibrant world of a series of pop art paintings, where color and boldness take center stage. Inspired by the iconic aesthetic of The Simpsons and other emblematic cultural references, this collection whisks you away into a whirlwind of colors and dynamic forms.

abstract green painting


The contemporary paintings in the "Dripping" collection illustrate the human complexity and invite an introspection on the duality of emotions that animate us. The concentration, the mastery and the meticulousness of the curvature are mixed with the energy and the destructured side of the dripping.

limited and numbered art photography edition

Art Photography

In this series of contemporary art photos, the artist applies Courbism to photography, which is thus used as a medium to serve his art. He captures moments of life at different times of the day and fragments them like a mosaic. The whole reflects the time that slips, that passes and its effect on the colors of life that surrounds us.