Abstract Art

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Abstract Paintings

Abstract painting is an art form in its own right. The oil paintings of Amaury Dubois reveal the invisible that surrounds us. This contemporary and modern artistic movement allows him to express through his works that nothing is fixed and that on the contrary, everything is in perpetual movement. The curves of his vivid and colorful paintings are always looking for their way.

" Abstract Painting is an art in itself. "

With his abstract paintings, Amaury Dubois evokes the elements that surround him such as water, plant forms, wind, light and reveals the energies that emerge through the power of his curves and colors. A pictorial synthesis on an abstract way of observing the world.

blue abstract painting by french artist


Mixed medias on canvas | 162 x 114 cm

abstract square painting


Mixed medias on canvas | 150 x 150 cm

blue, green, yellow, abstract street art painting on canvas


Mixed media on canvas | 82 x 100 cm

Abstract street art tryptique on canvas


Mixed media on canvas | 116 x 81 cm

abstract square orange street art painting
abstract square colorful street art painting
abstract square colorful painting
colorful abstract street art painting
colorful abstract street art painting
Abstract black painting
colorful abstract painting
multicolor abstract painting
green and blue abstract painting
abstract colorful painting

About Abstract Art

Abstract art, born at the beginning of the 20th century, was part of the artistic landscape marked at that time by figurative expressionism, cubism and fauvism.

Kandinsky, Mondrian, Kupka or Malevitch, the pioneers of this abstract movement bring forms and colors without particular representation thus offering the possibility to the spectator to let his imagination go and live his own emotional experience.

Contemporary abstract art is adorned with vibrant and bold colors to create a captivating visual experience. In this form of artistic expression, artists free themselves from the constraints of realistic representation to explore the infinite possibilities of color, shape, and texture.

Multicolored abstract works are dynamic compositions where shades blend and intertwine, forming a unique visual language. Each brushstroke, each gesture of the artist, becomes an expression of their creativity and emotion.

This contemporary artistic style invites viewers to contemplation and personal interpretation. Everyone can see what they wish, feel different emotions, and discover their own meaning in this explosion of colors and shapes.

Contemporary multicolored abstract art reflects the diversity of the world around us. It celebrates spontaneity, experimentation, and artistic freedom. Each artwork is an invitation to explore a visual universe where creativity knows no bounds.


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