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contemporary artist Amaury Dubois

Amaury Dubois Artist - France

A French painter, he likes to paint life in motion. His works are recognizable among all, by the richness of the colours he uses, by the reinterpretation he makes of the world around him and by his curves, a true artistic signature that Amaury Dubois has baptized "le courbisme". The artist does not allow himself to be classified on the shelves of an artistic movement, his plural artwork does not allow itself to be enclosed in any box.


Born in 1980, Amaury Dubois developed a taste for Art in all its forms at a very early age. A true jack-of-all-trades: music, drawing, photography, painting, urban art, collaborations; art allows him to express the permanent flow of ideas that spring up in his mind. Passionate about the plant, animal and marine worlds, the artist finds in the curves, lights and colours of nature an inexhaustible source of inspiration.


The genesis of Amaury Dubois’s art lies at the meeting point between the colours of the street that nourished him on his skateboard and the pages of the Art History books that introduced him to the greatest artists. His curve creates a visible link between all the styles he explores, from figurative art to abstract and street art, a way of connecting all his influences. His style gives him the freedom to travel through the history of art, from Hans Memling to Jonone.

Since his beginnings, he has never stopped exploring techniques, escaping boredom and creative comfort by multiplying universes and reinterpreting the world with his curves and lines in a poetic and unique way, with the result of sublimating reality or plunging us into the imagination of the abstract.

People Say

« Courbisme » symbol of life and movement

Nothing is fixed, everything evolves, transforms. The elements of nature constantly interact with each other, creating an invisible but very real energy. It is this instinct of life that Amaury Dubois reveals in his canvases with powerful and colored curves, an artistic and recognizable signature among all, which he baptizes curbism. In his paintings, the elements of life intermingle in a rhythmic dance of gradations, luminous and bewitching. Each line is skillfully structured, measured and reflected as a revelation of the mysteries of life.

A talent acclaimed by the art world and the international press

Europe, USA, Brazil, Singapore, Middle East... Project after project, Amaury Dubois exports his talent throughout the world. His works are exhibited in galleries and cohabit with the greatest contemporary artists in numerous European and international collections.

In 2020, his art took on a new dimension and transformed the interior of a 19th century church into a unique 600m2 street art fresco. After Picasso, Matisse or Okuda, Amaury Dubois joins the very closed circle of painters having achieved such a feat. Ideat, France 2, Le Figaro, M6, Géo magazine, Elle Déco have highlighted him on this occasion.

This masterpiece was also covered by the media in the art world, notably on the front page of “Art Magazine” and “Beaux Arts Magazine”, not to mention the fact that in 2021, this fresco entered the top 10 most beautiful works in the world in the Italian magazine Collateral.

Art Foundation

La Maison Alexandre (BE)

– Amaury Dubois integrates the collections of an art foundation (BE) – Alongside Modigliani, Warhol or Banksy, several Amaury Dubois’ paintings now take their place among these renowned contemporary artists.


Art galleries on permanent EXHIBITION :

Belgium – Knokke le Zout : Momentum Art Gallery

Switzerland – Genève : Galerie 337

France – Arcachon, St-Paul de Vence, Courchevel, Megève : Galerie 337

France – Paris – Place des Vosges : Next street Art Gallery

France – Rouen – Enghien-les-bains : Outsiders Galerie

France – Angers : Galerie 3838

Others exhibitions :

Mulan Gallery (Singapore) – solo exhibition 

On the occasion of the Festival of French Culture organized by the French Embassy, the paintings of Amaury Dubois cross the borders to be exhibited as a headliner for the exhibition “French Kiss”.

Knokke – Momentum Art Gallery (BE) – permanent exhibition

Laval – Perrine’s drawing Museum (FR)

Paris – Urban Influence Art Fair (FR)

Angers – 3838 Art Gallery (FR)

Lille – Cultural Center (FR)

Amboise – Centre Culturel (FR)

Lille – Annie Wable Gallery (FR)

Luxembourg – Leukos Art Gallery (LUX)

Lille – Art Up Art Fair (FR)

Salons Salon des Art (LUX)

Group exhibition Galerie Wagner (FR)

Strasbourg – Salon of art ST.ART (FR)

Paris – Art fair Elysées (FR )

Gand- Exhibition at LINEART (BE)

Cannes – Salon of the Artists of the world (FR)

Festival du Touquet (FR)

Lille – Exhibition “Lille 3000” (FR)

Paris – Exhibition of French Artists (FR)

Lille – Solid’art (FR)


Prize of the “Salon des artistes du monde” in Cannes (FR) – 2014

Prize of the Artists’ Show European Metropolis of Lille (FR)

Prize of the General Council of Vienne in Poitiers (FR) – 2014

Guest of honor Salon des Arts in European Metropolis of Lille (FR)

– Exhibition – ONE ROOT, ONE ARTIST – 2022 An original creation on a teak root

– Exhibition TRANSITION – Ephemeral street art museum in Abbeville – 2022 – Transformation of doors into works of art by European artists

– Street Art – Monumental fresco in the hall of the church of Calais (FR) – 2022

– Street Art – Fresco on the harbour master’s office of Wambrechies (FR) – 2021

– Street Art – Monumental fresco of 600m² on the vault of the church of Chatelaillon-Plage (FR) – 2020

– Collaboration Cov’Artist – Auction organized by Drouot, donation of the work “Jimi Hendrix Pink” for the benefit of the Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris Hôpitaux de France (FR) – 2020

– Street Art – Monumental fresco of 65m2 – Mural fresco of 16x4m entitled « Shoot & Run » in Lille (FR) – 2018 

– Land Art – A living work illuminates the Hauts de France – With the project “Aurora”, Amaury Dubois mobilizes a whole region around a collective work represented by 9 “light” cities – 2015

– Solo Exhibition – Art Knokke – Momentum Art Gallery (BE) Solo exhibition of the artist during “Art Knokke” at Momentum art Gallery (Gerstein, Fazzino, Orlinski…) – 2015

– McDonald’s advertising campaign – World Cup – McDonald’s France & TBWA France use the abstract painting “River of Dream” for a TV & digital campaign (FR) – 2014

– Space design – Stade Pierre Mauroy – 40 thematic works and a XXL photographic fresco dress the Stadium of Lille (FR) – 2014

Amaury Dubois’ style and personality attract the curiosity of publishers and media worldwide which paint a glowing portrait of an artist in permanent movement. “Art magazine” has dedicated its front page to him and “Beaux Art Magazine” has offered him its first page. In 2020, his monumental fresco realized in the church of Chatelaillon, entered the top 10 of the most beautiful Street Art works in the world of the Best of Street Art 2020 of the Italian magazine Collateral.  


Le journal du design : « Une voûte céleste, connexion entre le réel et le spirituel »

BFM TV : « Calais : quand l’église rencontre le street-art »

La Voix du Nord : « Le lillois Amaury Dubois signe une fresque colorée à l’église Saint-Pierre de Calais »

Couverture Arts Magazine : « Les parenthèses temporelles d’Amaury Dubois ». A complete 8-page dossier and a true recognition of the artist’s work.

Stuart Magazine (janvier 2022) : cover and 8-page portrait

1ère page de Beaux Arts Magazine : « Une résurrection en couleurs ». A colourful portrait by one of the leading figures in the art world.

Le Figaro : « Une restauration haute en couleur pour cette église près de La Rochelle »

France 2 TV News : « L’église de Châtelaillon-Plage illuminée par les fresques d’un artiste »

France 3 TV News : Télématin programme of 06/02/2021

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M6 TV News : « L’église de Châtelaillon-Plage illuminée par les fresques d’un artiste »

GEO Magazine : « Cette église joue la carte du street-art avec une magnifique fresque XXL »

Boursorama Mag : « Street-art : les villes stars en France »

Le journal du Design : « Il transforme la voûte d’une église en fresque monumentale »

Tuxboard : « L’artiste français Amaury Dubois réalise une oeuvre unique et exceptionnelle »

Entre luxe et prestige : « Un style photographique inimitable des œuvres d’art » 

– Elle Déco : « Nos coups de coeur Arty Lille »

– Livre : Lille Metropole Street Art Guide


– Livre : “Leaders in Contemporary Art”


California Sun Newspaper : « New fresco by Amaury Dubois in Calais, France »

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– IDEAT magazine : “The graffiti church”

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– CanadaLive : «France | A street art fresco adorns the ceiling of a church»

– The press : «Une fresque street art orne le plafond d’une église»


– Collater.al : Présent dans le Best of Street Art : Top 10 des plus belles œuvres Street Art au monde

– Fanpage : «l’artista Amaury Dubois affresca la chiesa di Sainte-Madeleine»


– ELLE Déco : “Colored Street Art in the church Sainte-Madeleine”


– Casa Vogue : “Artista cria pintura colorida de 600m² en ingreja na França”


– Cerodosbe : “El arte urbano conquista las iglesias”

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