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Pop Art Paintings

Dive into the quirky and vibrant world of a series of pop art paintings, where color and boldness take center stage. Inspired by the iconic aesthetic of The Simpsons and other emblematic cultural references, this collection whisks you away into a whirlwind of colors and dynamic forms.

" The Pop art and street art collection of Amaury Dubois gathers a set of paintings with multiple influences."

Each painting in this series is a visual explosion, blending daring patterns, defined contours, and a palette of vivid colors to create a retro and contemporary aesthetic simultaneously.

The familiar characters of The Simpsons come to life in a pop art style, with a touch of modernity and originality that is uniquely theirs.

Bartman colorful painting


Mixed medias en canvas | 100 x 73 cm

the simpson contemporary artwork


Mixed medias en canvas | 116 x 89 cm

Bart simpson contemporary painting


Mixed medias en canvas | 100 x 81 cm

Simpsons jeune fille à la perle


Mixed medias en canvas | 73 x 92 cm

About Pop Influences

Pop art is the essence of a broad cultural movement of the 1960s. Although England was a precursor in this field with Richard Hamilton, it was in the United States that it developed more widely and has endured, notably with the work of Andy Wharol. 

But this series goes beyond just paying homage to The Simpsons. It also celebrates the use of iconic characters in the history of pop art. From Andy Warhol with his celebrity portraits to Roy Lichtenstein with his reimagined comic strips, pop art has always drawn from popular culture to create works that reflect the essence of contemporary society.

By incorporating iconic characters into this series of paintings, the artist pays tribute to this artistic tradition while breathing new life and energy into these emblematic figures. Each painting thus becomes a fusion of pop art heritage and the modernity of our time, inviting the viewer to rediscover these characters in a fresh and captivating light.

Simpson's tribute to Magritte
Peinture de coeur urbain, œuvres colorées
david bowie peinture contemporaine
peinture pop art ferrari, œuvre d'art contemporain rouge
Tableau pop art Chanel, œuvre d'art contemporaine en noir et blanc
peinture pop art des beatles
calavera crâne mexicain, peinture pop art colorée
pop art banana warhol
tableau pop art ananas
pop art pineapple painting


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