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Pop Art & Street Art Paintings

Urban art, pop art and music are all worlds that Amaury Dubois loves and from which he draws inspiration on a daily basis. These influences bring movement, dynamics and instantaneousness through the techniques used such as spray painting. The mixture of these styles offers a great variety to his works.

" The Pop art and street art collection of Amaury Dubois gathers a set of paintings with multiple influences."

With the Icons series, the painter transports us into his musical rock universe with, among others, portraits of Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie.

In this artistic style, Amaury Dubois has also paid tribute to some famous artists with his reinterpretations such as Magritte’s Son of Man, Andy Wharol’s Banana or Peter Blake’s Beatles Sgt Pepper. The artist likes to mix techniques and media, skilfully switching from oil paint to spray paint for an ever more colourful result, as shown by his Planet of Sound and Heart Shaped Box series.

andy warhol pop art painting


Oil painting on canvas | 130 x 89 cm

jimi hendrix contemporary painting


Oil painting on canvas | 146 x 114 cm

MAGRITTE THE SON OF MAN contemporary -painting


Oil painting on canvas | 130 x 89 cm

golfer contemporary painting by artist, sgolf artwork


Mixed media on canvas | 116 x 89 cm

About Pop & Street Art Influences

Pop art is the essence of a broad cultural movement of the 1960s. Although England was a precursor in this field with Richard Hamilton, it was in the United States that it developed more widely and has endured, notably with the work of Andy Wharol. 

Street art is a contemporary artistic movement that includes all forms of art made in the street. In terms of artistic influence, Amaury Dubois mentions JonOne, an American graffiti artist and painter. It is not surprising to see Amaury Dubois explore these two contemporary universes when one sees the power of the colours and the plurality of techniques used in these two artistic movements.

mick jagger from the rolling stone artwork painting
street art heart painting, colorful artworks
street art orange and colorful abstract painting, multicolor artworks
david bowie contemporary painting
pink pop art painting with cherries
pop art ferrari painting, red contemporary artwork
chanel pop art painting, black and white contemporary artwork
beatles pop art painting
calavera mexican skull painting, colorful pop art artwork
red abstract street art painting