Selection of

Dripping Paintings

The contemporary paintings in the "Dripping" collection illustrate the human complexity and invite an introspection on the duality of emotions that animate us. The concentration, the mastery and the meticulousness of the curvature are mixed with the energy and the destructured side of the dripping.

" A true introspection on complexity of humankind"

For Amaury Dubois, dripping is a way of expressing strong emotions, such as impulse or passion, in a more raw and energetic way.

The artist likes to associate dripping with his curvature which brings softer, more meticulous touches. The two contemporary techniques associated translate the mosaic of emotions that animate us like a mirror with multiple facets, the whole is reinforced by a rich palette of colors orange, yellow, blue, green, pink ….

Peinture abstraite et colorée d'un artiste français


Peinture à l'huile sur toile | 130 x 89 cm

Peinture abstraite et colorée d'un artiste français


Peinture à l'huile sur toile | 195 x 97 cm

peinture abstraite verte


Peinture à l'huile sur toile | 100 x 81 cm

peinture abstraite rose et violette


Peinture à l'huile sur toile | 162 x 114 cm

green square abstract painting
yellow abstract painting
yellow and green abstract painting
violet abstract painting
green and blue square abstract painting
yellow and pink abstract painting
blue abstract painting
orange abstract painting

About Stain Abstract Art

Dripping, a technique that consists of letting paint run or drip, was born under the direct influence of tachism, an artistic movement of the 40s and 50s of which Georges Mathieu was one of the pioneers.

Abstract dripping art, often simply referred to as “dripping,” is a bold and captivating form of artistic expression that emerged during the 20th century. This artistic technique, notably popularized by American artist Jackson Pollock, is characterized by the act of splattering or allowing paint to flow onto the canvas in a spontaneous and gestural manner.

Dripping defies the conventions of traditional painting by eschewing the notion of precise control by the artist’s hand. Instead, the artist gives free rein to their intuition, emotions, and physical movement to create unique abstract compositions. Drips, splashes, and lines of paint merge on the canvas to form organic and dynamic patterns.

This captivating artistic style is often interpreted as a visual dance, where the artist’s gesture becomes a choreography of artistic movements. Each dripping artwork reflects the artist’s raw emotion, controlled chaos, and unbridled creativity.

Abstract dripping art invites the viewer to an immersive experience, where colors, shapes, and textures blend to create an unexpectedly beautiful canvas. Each work can be an exploration of the artist’s subconscious, a journey into the heart of pure abstraction.

Thus, abstract dripping art reminds us that art is not limited to figurative representation but can also be a celebration of artistic freedom, spontaneity, and personal expression. It is a form of art that challenges conventions and continues to evoke fascination and contemplation in the world of contemporary art.


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