Selection of

Figurative Paintings

This resolutely contemporary and figurative collection represents the essence of Courbism, Amaury Dubois' artistic signature. He likes to paint life in motion and reinterpret what surrounds him by adding his colors, his curves, a way for him to share his vision of the world.

" The figurative works of Amaury Dubois are a way for him to explore different worlds."

 Sometimes he plunges us into the underwater world with his Ocean painting, sometimes he makes us travel through his paintings on Italy or Spain…

His figurative paintings also allow him to stay connected to the elements of nature by painting golf courses, the jungle or forests. 

Amaury Dubois’ colorful and contemporary oil on canvas paintings in this collection are also an opportunity for him to pay homage to renowned painters who have inspired him.

gauguin contemporary painting, colorful artworks Tahiti


Oil painting on canvas | 146 x 114 cm

nice french riviera painting, colorful artworks


Oil painting on canvas | 146 x 97 cm



Oil painting on canvas | 162 x 114 cm

Barcelona Painting of the famous Guell Park, overlooking the city of Barcelona. Amaury Dubois created this impressive oil painting after a trip to Spain, fully inspired by Catalan modernism and its main representative, the architect Antoni Gaudi. You will easily recognize the magnificent view that the Parc Guell offers over the Catalan capital and the Parc Guell itself, with its iconic salamander and the house that the architect had built for himself and which was his residence for some twenty years.


Oil painting on canvas | 130 x 195 cm

golf landscape painting by contemporary artist
beatles colorful pop art painting
golf contemporary painting
multicolor forest painting
contemporary painting on the city of malaga in spain
multicolor spain painting
Lisboa colorful painting
contemporary painting on a golf course
contemporary painting on the city of Paris and the Eiffel Tower
contemporary painting on siena in italy
south africa land painting
Night landscape painting
douanier rousseau jungle painting
lemon still life Painting
edward hooper nighthawk contemporary painting

About Figurative Art

Contemporary Multicolored Figurative Art: A Dazzling Fusion of Realism and Emotion

Contemporary figurative art embraces a palette of vibrant and bold colors to bring to life images rich in detail and emotion. In this form of artistic expression, artists capture the world around them with striking realism while injecting a touch of creativity and chromatic diversity.

Multicolored figurative works are snapshots of life, scenes, and portraits that transcend mere representation. They invite viewers to immerse themselves in visual worlds filled with stories, emotions, and meaning.

This contemporary artistic style offers a unique perspective on the modern world. Each meticulously painted or drawn detail reflects the artist’s expertise and their ability to capture reality while leaving room for personal interpretation.

Contemporary multicolored figurative art is a testament to the diversity of the world and human creativity. It celebrates art’s capacity to tell stories, evoke emotions, and communicate ideas.

Whether you are a passionate art enthusiast or a curious newcomer, delve into the captivating world of contemporary figurative art and let yourself be carried away by this dazzling fusion of realism and emotion, where each canvas is an open window to our ever-evolving world.


Do you have an idea or an artistic project? Would you like to discuss a custom creation or do you simply have questions about Amaury Dubois' artworks? Feel free to get in touch.