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Project after project, Amaury Dubois spreads his living works throughout the world. The artist attracts the curiosity of publishers and the media, who draw a glowing portrait of an artist who is always on the move. His talent pushes him to explore new techniques, to respond to ever larger projects, which invites the international press to highlight him.

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The artist Amaury Dubois in the TV show Télématin on France 2

At the beginning of 2020, the artist Amaury Dubois realized alone and in only 2 months of work, a monumental street art fresco of 600m², covering the vault of the church of Châtelaillon-Plage, near La Rochelle.

Presented to the public in June 2020, this fresco, unique in France, has not been slow to arouse the enthusiasm of the media around the world. United States, Russia, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Korea... All have published press articles on this monumental contemporary work.

mcdonald's TV AD

A painting for a television advertising campaign of MCDONALD'S

McDonald's France and TBWA France have called upon the artist Amaury Dubois for one of its advertising campaigns on national television and the Web!

Broadcast on all French TV channels, the campaign chose an abstract oil painting: "River of Dream" signed by Amaury Dubois.