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Black Paintings: Explore Our Collection of Black artworks

Welcome to our contemporary art gallery, a selection of contemporary paintings on black backgrounds by the contemporary artist Amaury Dubois. Explore the modern canvases and paintings with black or predominantly black tones, immersing yourself in a world where abstraction and figurative art merge to create imaginative artworks.

Amaury Dubois Black Paintings: Artistic Pieces for Your Interior Decoration

Amaury Dubois’s paintings use black as a means to express unique feelings, ideas, and visions. Each work testifies to exploring the aesthetics of black with passion and creative freedom.

Dive into our gallery and let yourself be carried away by the emotion of black and colorful paintings, whether you are a contemporary art enthusiast or a passionate collector.

Black has a rich palette of emotions, meanings, and artistic discoveries. Each painting tells a new story, where black becomes an infinite source of inspiration, simply captured by the artist’s gaze.

The black and white abstract painting by Amaury Dubois, both contemporary and classic, harmoniously blends with all other colors. Whether it’s a designer, traditional, or Zen decoration, black and white effortlessly harmonize with your interior.

Adding black and white paintings by Amaury Dubois to your wall decoration gives you an infinite palette of colors to pair with. Red, turquoise blue, green, fuchsia, whatever the colors of your interior, the combination of black and white with a vibrant color will energize and brighten your home.

golfeur peinture contemporaine de l'artiste, œuvres d'art de golf


Mixed media on canvas | | 116 x 89 cm

black contemporary painting


Oil painting on canvas | 130 x 89 cm

contemporary painting with black background

NGC 180

Oil painting on canvas | 146 x 114 cm

contemporary painting with black background


Mixed media on canvas | | 116 x 89 cm

Associating Amaury Dubois’ Black Abstract Painting with All Colors

Black, with its play of contrasts, remains the ultimate choice for chic and timeless decoration. The opposing and complementary shades of black and colors come to life in Amaury Dubois’ works.

The Symbolism of Black: Beyond Darkness, a World of Aesthetic Depth

Black is not considered a “color” in the strictest sense, but it holds a particular symbolism. Beyond its dark aspect, black evokes simplicity and elegance, fully exploited in decoration.

Black contemporary painting


Oil painting on canvas | 100 x 50 cm

colorful painting with black background


Oil painting on canvas | 100 x 50 cm

Black abstract contemporary painting


Oil painting on canvas | 100 x 50 cm

Chanel black pop art painting


Mixed medias on canvas | 130 x 97 cm

pop art skier painting


Mixed medias on canvas | 100 x 81 cm

Contemporary black artworks


Oil painting on canvas | 100 x 73 cm

Contemporary black and purple artworks


Oil painting on canvas | 130 x 97 cm

Between Shadow and Light: The Art of Black in Contemporary Composition

The use of black in contemporary paintings transcends simple color notions to become an exploration of the balance between shadow and light. Artists play with contrasts, creating works where black becomes a central element, defining contours and highlighting details.

In this artistic universe, black represents the unknown, the unexplored, inviting spectators to dive into visual abysses. Contemporary paintings use black as a visual language, an invitation to decipher the subtleties of shadow and discover the hidden meaning behind each brushstroke.

The symbolism of black also lies in its role as a backdrop, highlighting other colors and forms with striking contrast. It becomes the means through which light emerges, creating captivating visual plays and a unique dynamic in contemporary art.

Black, devoid of apparent color, becomes an infinite palette of meanings in contemporary art. It often symbolizes mystery, inviting spectators to dive into unexplored universes. The darkness of black offers a neutral canvas, ready to welcome a multitude of emotions, concepts, and perspectives.

abstract painting with black background
black geometric abstract painting
black modern abstract painting
black contemporary abstract painting
black abstract painting


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